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*In Network with all major insurance carriers and we accept hear.com, NationsHearing, TruHearing, and Optum.

Free online hearing test

The LifeSoundHear online hearing test is a quick way to gauge how well you’re hearing. In only 3 minutes, you can test your ability to distinguish certain words and numbers in a noisy environment. We recommend taking the hearing test in a quiet area without interruptions. You will have the option to take the online hearing test using your device speakers or headphones.

Who we are

We are committed to providing you high quality of service in hearing healthcare

We are an independent, impartial hearing advice company. We offer far more than any high street retail store because of the time we spend with our patients and the fact that they will have a consistent, stable and carefree hearing journey with us.

We dedicate every day to helping people with hearing concerns and pride ourselves on turning patient problems into life changing solutions that improve quality of life.

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4 Locations in PA and NJ

We provide an extensive range of hearing services, including hearing aids, tinnitus treatments and more…

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hearingLatest Hearing Aid Technology

Our long-lasting, rechargeable hearing aids effortlessly connect to smartphones, TVs and are suited for hands-free calling.

Committed to Better Hearing

Our hearing clinics include teams of hearing care professionals who are all highly trained and dedicated to improve the hearing of all individuals.

Why LifeSound Hearing?

LifeSound hearing was revitalized in 2020 when two physical therapists purchased the company to enhance the patient experience.

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Do you have questions? Our hearing professionals will gladly answer any of your questions.