Commitment to better hearing

hearingThe LifeSound Hearing Pledge

Life. Sounds. Better.

LifeSound Hearing believes each customer should be able to live their best life possible.  Love, life and relationships are possible with improved hearing.

Leading digital technology

A delicate mixture of technology and power to fit your lifestyle and budget.

Locally owned and operated

Small, private practices managed by members of the community to serve members of the community.

Our History

Formally Zounds Hearing, LifeSound hearing was revitalized in 2020 when two physical therapists purchased the company to enhance the patient experience with regard to hearing health. By offering the latest technology and best prices for our clientele, we are able to deliver the best product for all budgets and lifestyles.

The latest technology

Our long-lasting, rechargeable hearing aids effortlessly connect to smartphones and TVs and are suited for hands-free calling. This connection not only allows you to make hands-free calls, but it also allows you to receive notifications from your phone on your devices.

Commitment to you

Lifesound Hearing is with you every step of the way.  As a small, private practice you will be offered the best in-class support and technology to assist in your needs.  We pride ourselves on maintaining the best service that you cannot find in big box stores.

Ask Our Specialists

Do you have questions? Our hearing professionals will gladly answer any of your questions.