Common causes

hearingWhat are the main causes of hearing loss?

There are several different types of hearing loss that can be caused by many different factors.
Take a look at the most common causes and risk factors for hearing loss.

Sensorineural hearing loss causes

Most commonly associated with normal aging, this type of hearing loss does have other potential causes. Potential causes of sensorineural hearing loss include:

  • Normal aging
  • Exposure to loud noise
  • Ototoxic medications
  • Viral infections (such as measles or mumps)
  • Tumors or neuromas

Conductive hearing loss causes

Causes of conductive hearing loss are often caused by some type of obstruction or blockage within the ear. They can include:

  • Ear wax buildup
  • Foreign object blockage
  • Infections
  • Perforation of the tympanic membrane
  • Tumors or growths

Hearing loss risk factors

There are many risk factors associated with hearing loss. They include but are not limited to:

  • Heredity or Genetics
  • Diabetes
  • Meniere‚Äôs disease
  • Obesity or Overweight
  • Smoking
  • Hypertension or High Blood Pressure

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