Communication and Hearing Loss

hearingLet’s Talk About Hearing Loss.

How to talk about hearing loss with loved ones. Learn how to start the conversation.

Communicating with your loved ones about hearing deficits can be difficult. Hearing loss is very emotional and affects individuals in a variety of ways. Bringing up the subject of hearing loss is very challenging. How can you make the talk easier?

1. Ask

Ask what you can do to make communication more clear. Should a more quiet place for dinner be chosen? Should the music be turned up or down?

2. Environment

Have the talk in a quiet environment that will promote the best listening and hearing possible.

3. Find the Right Time

Pick a good time of the day to have the talk. Conversations at the end of the day may be more stressful.

4. Lips don’t lie

Always face a hearing impaired individual when speaking to them. This will help them read your lips and may help them to understand the conversation better.

5. Encourage a Hearing Evaluation

Encourage your loved one to get a hearing evaluation by a trained audiologist. Never assume a diagnosis or reason for hearing loss.

Hearing Loss Can Affect Anyone at Any Age

One of the most widespread misconceptions about hearing loss is that it only affects “aged people.” Hearing loss isn’t just a symptom of becoming older.
It affects people of all ages, including children, and can attack at any time.
In fact, the majority of people with hearing loss (65%) are under the age of 65.
Six million Americans between the ages of 18 and 44 have hearing loss, according to the Better Hearing Institute.

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