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How to Take The Best Care of Your Ears

Learn how taking care of your ears can help to prevent hearing loss

How to clean your ears

Excessive cleaning of the ears with cotton swabs and ear candles can damage your ear drum, which can lead to hearing loss.  Excessive wax build up may need to be addressed by a medical professional.

Other factors to consider

Loud noises, 85 decibels and higher can damage your hearing—permanently.  Always wear ear protection if you know you are going to be around loud environments.

Diet has been shown to play a crucial role in hearing health. Diets that are high in processed sugar and fats have been linked to hearing loss.

Certain medications can lead to hearing loss.  Excessive use of pain relievers can become ototoxic and lead to hearing damage.  Always consult your physician before taking medications.

Smoking is another factor that can lead to hearing loss.  Smokers are 15% more likely to have hearing loss when compared with non-smokers. 

Ear Care Matters!

Hearing loss can be caused by multiple things. Conductive hearing loss mostly refers to problems with your outer or middle ear. Sensorineural hearing loss occurs an issue with the inner ear or if exposed to loud environments. Mixed hearing loss, a combination of the two types of hearing loss, can also occur. 

Hearing loss can lead to other health related issues, as well. Dementia and depression have been linked to untreated hearing loss when not treated by a professional.  Proper hearing care improves your overall health and quality of life.

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