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FAQ : Hearing Loss

What causes hearing loss?

Hearing loss can be caused by many factors including age, heredity, or exposure to loud noises.  In fact, the most common cause of hearing loss is exposure to loud noises.

Why are my ears ringing?

This could be a condition causes tinnitus.  Tinnitus has many causes including age related changes, exposure to loud noises and earwax blockage.  Consult with a hearing professional for a proper treatment plan for your tinnitus.

Why am I misunderstanding words?

Often, people lose their ability to hear high pitched sounds while maintaining the ability to her low pitched sounds.  High pitched sounds include “s”, “sh”, and “th” words.  The inability to hear high pitched sounds can cause you to misunderstand words or phrases.

Does everyone develop hearing loss as they age?

Most people lose a degree of hearing as they age but true hearing loss can have many different causes. 

What medications cause hearing loss?

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) including aspirin and ibuprofen have been linked to hearing loss.  There are also certain cancer medications and diuretics that have been known to cause hearing loss.  These are sometimes referred to as ototoxic medications.

Will hearing loss lead to other health issues?

Hearing loss has been linked to a number of different conditions including depression, dementia, and heart disease. 

FAQ : Hearing Aids

What is the cost of hearing aids?

Hearing aids vary in cost depending on your level of hearing loss and the features you require.  Talk to a hearing health specialist at LifeSound Hearing to get a free consultation regarding your hearing loss. 

Why shouldn’t I buy hearing aids at a big box store?

Big box stores may not be able to treat your specific hearing needs.  LifeSound Hearing offers one on one hearing appointments and free hearing assessments to determine your specific needs.  We carry the latest technology which most box stores do not do.

Will anyone notice my hearing aids?

Some hearing aids are less noticeable than others.   Make sure you tell your LifeSound Hearing specialist exactly what you are looking for when picking out your hearing aids. 

How do I clean my hearing aid?

Contact a LifeSound Hearing specialist for proper cleaning of your hearing aids.

Do they make waterproof hearing aids?

Most hearing aids are water-resistant only.  For fully waterproof hearing aids contact a LifeSound Hearing ear professional. 

Protect your ears.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” as Benjamin Franklin famously observed. It pays to protect your ears from hearing loss in the same way that you would protect yourself from heart disease or diabetes.
Do you place a premium on being able to hear clearly? Wear appropriate safety gear to protect your ears from loud noises whether you’re at work or playing.
This type of hearing loss is completely avoidable.

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