Hearing diseases

hearingHearing loss and other health conditions

Hearing loss is a risk factor for many health conditions including tinnitus, heart disease, dementia, and depression.

Hearing loss related diseases and risk factors:


Ringing in your ears? This could be a condition referred to as tinnitus. Tinnituses is the hearing of perceived sounds such as ringing and buzzing.


Hearing loss and dementia are linked. Being quick to treat your hearing loss can actually help to ward off dementia.

Meniere’s Disease

Meniere’s disease is a condition affecting the inner ear which may result in vertigo, hearing loss and ringing in the ear.

Untreated hearing loss?

Hearing loss that goes untreated has far-reaching consequences that go beyond your ability to hear.
It can also result in the following outcomes:

  • Your mental acuity may deteriorate.
  • Dementia is a possibility for you.
  • Your memory may be affected.
  • You can feel as if you’re being left out of talks.
  • It’s possible that your social life will be impacted.
  • You might be worried.
  • You may feel more mentally drained, and your income may suffer as a result.

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