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How Do Hearing Aids Work?

Hearing aids process and improve sound

A hearing aid is a complex technological device that improves quality of life through better hearing and sound enhancement. You may be wondering, exactly do hearing aids work? 

LifeSound hearing carries the finest brands of hearing aids that are specially created to minimize background noise helping to enhance sound and improve the voices we most want to hear. These devices are programmed by your LifeSound hearing care professional.

Hearing Aid Components

In order to understand how hearing aids work, let’s take a look at the major parts of a hearing aid.

Sound enters the hearing aid through a microphone. LifeSound Hearing aids utilize directional microphones, which helps to enhance sound in noisy environments. 

The amplifier boosts the sound from the digital chip.  This is where the sounds we want to hear most such as a conversation are enhanced. 

The receiver also know as the speaker delivers the sound into the ear canal. The earpieces are customizable for a perfect fit.

Most of LifeSound hearing aid brands are rechargeable.  Meaning that you do not need to worry about constantly changing your batteries.  For a more affordable option, LifeSound still offers several modals with replaceable batteries.  

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