PSAPs vs. hearing aids

hearingWhat’s the difference

PSAP, known as personal sound amplification devices, are not FDA approved for hearing loss. Hearing aids are FDA approved to treat hearing loss and they must be specially programed by professionals to address specific hearing loss.

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The differences:

1: FDA Regulation

The FDA does not regulate PSAPs. On the contrary, hearing aids are FDA regulating to treat hearing loss.

2: Amplification

Most PSAPs amplify all sounds. This can actually make hearing loss worse. Hearing aids have the technology to amplify specific sounds and voices to enhance conversation and nature.

3: Customization

Most PSAPs are not custom fitted to the user. Hearing aids are custom fitted by hearing professionals to make all of the users needs.

Over-the-counter hearing aids

Most over the counter hearing aids are for mild hearing loss only. They are not specifically programmed by a hearing professional so they cannot address the users specific hearing loss. FDA approved hearing aids are custom programmed and fitted for the specific user.

Our Advice

Our advice is to not purchase any hearing loss devices unless they are properly fitted and programmed by a hearing care professional. This will save you time, money and frustration in the long term.

Invest in yourself

Hearing aids are an investment in the quality of your life. Properly programmed and fitted hearing aids helps to bring more of the sounds you want to hear into your life.

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