Symptoms of Hearing Loss: Things to Consider

Hearing loss refers to partial or complete inability to hear, which could be acquired later in life. If you want to have a hearing test in Cherry Hill, then you do not have to worry thanks to multiple options to choose from.

In cases of hearing loss across all age groups, genders, and populations, the experiences of people could be very different from one another as some might be more susceptible to hearing loss. Therefore, it is important to utilize hearing loss solutions in Cherry Hill if you live in the area.

Kinds of hearing loss…

According to medical experts, there are four kinds of hearing loss:

  1. Sensor neural hearing loss: This refers to a gradual loss of hearing ability and is one of the most common types of hearing loss registered worldwide. Damage in the interior cochlea is the chief reason behind it, which deteriorates the person’s ability to hear certain frequencies.
  2. Auditory Neuropathy: This hearing loss is primarily caused by auditory nerve damage and may be accompanied by other crucial causes such as jaundice, certain brain conditions, and lack of oxygen. Quick diagnosis is readily available if you wish to undergo a hearing loss test in Cherry Hill.
  3. Conductive hearing loss: Blockage or damage in the path to the cochlea is the major reason behind conductive hearing loss, which is also called middle-ear deafness. On one hand, this may be temporary if there is just fluid or earwax buildup; while on the other hand, it is mostly permanent if it is caused by bone growth, tumors, or eardrum damage.
  4. Mixed hearing loss: This is the simultaneous occurrence of both conductive and sensorineural hearing loss which leads to mixed hearing loss.

There are several centers from where you could get your hearing loss test in Cherry Hill to figure out what type of hearing loss you are suffering from.


Hearing Loss Symptoms…

Generally, hearing loss symptoms vary depending on the type of hearing loss one is going through. The following symptoms could be recognized easily if you are planning to have a hearing test in Cherry Hill:

  • Being a common symptom of sensor neural hearing loss, tinnitus refers to a ringing, clicking, humming, roaring, or booming sensation in one or both ears. According to the Hearing Loss Association of America, around 50 million Americans experience tinnitus and 90% of those also have hearing loss.
  • Another common symptom of hearing loss is the struggle to make out what other people are saying while there is another conversation or music going on in the background. Due to this, one often mishears certain words as others and may ask people to repeat themselves multiple times.
  • Having trouble while hearing certain parts of a song, consonant sounds, or women’s voices is another major symptom of hearing loss.
  • You might also perceive some sounds as muffled or originating from further away than they actually are.

Thus, the symptoms of hearing loss listed above should not be overlooked and by using the best hearing loss solutions at Cherry Hill, you could resolve all your doubts and get a hassle-free diagnosis done in no time.

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