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hearingTinnitus and your hearing health.

Do your ear ringing or buzzing? You’re not alone. 
Approximately 10-15 million Americans suffer from hearing loss!

Tinnitus symptoms

Tinnitus refers to the hearing of perceiving sounds that have no known source.
Commonly perceived sounds include ringing, buzzing, or humming. 


Approximately 90% of those with hearing loss have has tinnitus symptoms

Tinnitus causes

Although tinnitus is often a symptom of another condition there are several known factors that can lead to tinnitus symptoms.

  • Earwax buildup
  • High blood pressure
  • Too much caffeine
  • Consistent prolonged exposure to loud noise
  • Use of some medications

There are also several other medical conditions that can lead to tinnitus. 
Always consult your physician if you have prolonged tinnitus.  

Subjective or Objective?

Tinnitus is usually subjective, which means that other people are unable to hear the sound that the person with tinnitus is experiencing (the buzzing, hissing, roaring, etc.).
Hearing loss or noise exposure can cause subjective tinnitus by damaging the hair cells in the inner ear.
Others can hear the sound that the tinnitus sufferer hears with objective tinnitus, on the other hand.
Objective tinnitus is caused by noise emitted by structures near the ear, and it is significantly less prevalent.
Disorders of the blood vessels, muscles, and specific nerves, for example.

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