Wearing Hearing Aids

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Today’s hearing aids have reincarnated into intuitive extensions of an individual, which act more like a limb of the body than an external device. With extended connectivity to everyday appliances, such as alarm clocks and doorbells, as well as to phones and TV, modern hearing aids help connect you to the modern world.

Exercising with hearing aids

Hearing loss is never an excuse to stop exercising. In fact, regular exercise has been linked to decrease risk for heart disease, obesity, diabetes, renal disease, and may even improve some forms of hearing loss in the elderly.

Hearing Aid Care & Maintenance

In order to get the most out of your hearing aides you need to maintain them. Take a look at some of the things you’ll have to make part of your regular routine.

What to Expect from Your Hearing Aids

It is important to know what to expect from your hearing aids and everything they can offer you.

Here are some guidelines that will allow you to enjoy the all of the benefits of hearing aids:

  • Your hearing exam will determine the severity of your hearing loss, and consequently the extent to which your hearing loss can be helped through amplification.
  • The more severe your hearing loss is, the more advanced and powerful the hearing aid must be in order to help your hearing.
  • Hearing aid users can often achieve a performance level close or equal to normal hearing in quiet environments. As the environment becomes more noisy and complex, hearing amplification becomes more difficult
  • Depending on the degree and type of hearing loss, hearing aids may improve your ability to understand speech more clearly in noisy situations.
  • If your hearing aids are programmed properly, you should be able to hear every day sounds that you may not have realized you were missing, like rain on the window or your dog’s nails clicking on the floor when they walk.
  • You’ll need time to get used to your new hearing aids and learn how to achieve optimal performance with them. You should expect to see your hearing care specialist a few times after your initial appointment to tweak the programming and get it just right.

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